Sunday, July 5, 2015

Brewerton New York

when we left Waterford we knew the Oswego Canal was closed. We could not stay in Waterford due to the Steamboat Festable. The decision was made to continue on as far as we could go assuming the canal would open. We did not know how many boats would be piled up here the last stop before Lock 23 so we got a reservation at The Brewerton Boat Yard.

We are very comfortable here. There is a very good marine store, The owner is very nice snd helpful. We are 3 miles from Lock 23. Yesterday The New York Canal office issued a Notice to Mariners saying that if they could get the navigational aids fixed and it did not run both Lock 23 and
the Oswego Canal would open at 8:00 AM Tuesday. in the same notice they said that Lock 24 and 25 would open 7 to 10 days from now.

The forced rest is welcomed and we will be home soon. The plan is to go to Oswego Tuesday. We will step the mast there on Wednesday and head for Rochester Thursday. Currently we are hoping to be home Saturday June 11 or Sunday June 12.

Tonight Trish is cooking salmon and shrimp. Soon the adventure will be over, but we do intend to continue our salmon and shrimp dinners.

Looking towards Lake Oneida. The bridge is the interstate from Alex Bay.

 The restaurant we ate at last night behind new dock construction.

Trish and Kelly on their way to Breakfast.
 The Oneida River

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